Part 1: B “Fellowship with The Father” 1 John 1-8


Jeremiah 17:14-15 Waiting On God’s Word

Insights From Tom

Heal me, LORD, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise. They keep saying to me, “Where is the word of the LORD? Let it now be fulfilled!” Jeremiah 17:15

Jeremiah had prophesied at times that God would do certain things. Although he prophesied these things, they did not happen immediately. The people would then start to ask what happened and where is the word of God. They wanted to see the fulfillment right away.

Jeremiah praised God, because he trusted God’s word would be fulfilled. He trusted God to heal and save Him, even though he did not know when or how that would occur.

Believers often pray for a healing and do not see an immediate result from that prayer. Others then question God, wondering where that healing is and why it has not occurred. Some believers…

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A Gift of Healing Does NOT Necessarily Make You A Good Preacher, Shepherd, or Leader in God’s Work

The hidden gifts are absolutely the most essential for leadership!

The outstanding supernatural visible miraculous gifts of the Spirit are not always the most necessary gifts for leadership in the Lord’s work. The gifts of HEALING, miracles, tongues, or even interpretation and prophecy don’t necessarily give you the wisdom, the discernment, the faith or the knowledge which you need to lead. If you want to be a leader for the Lord, you need to pray for those gifts that are not quite so obvious, not quite so manifest.

You can’t see faith, but others can see it on your face and can tell by the way you act how much faith you’ve got! You can’t feel knowledge, the ability to know things that other people don’t know or to know things beforehand! You can’t see wisdom, which is how to use the knowledge of God! You can’t hear discernment, yet…

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Lay Down Broken At The Feet Of Our Lord

Jake Allen Sharp

How am I? I cannot tell the truth

So I say “I’m fine, brother how are you?”

You answer, much the way I did

We make small talk about the wife and kids


One day, we will shed this façade

Lay down broken at the feet of our God

We will openly acknowledge the pain that we feel

We will bare our wounds for our Lord to heal


I must go, I have to find my pew

Check church off my list of things to do

The congregation stands to sing Amazing Grace

My mind is focused on the weekly rat race


One day, we will shed this façade

We will lay down broken at the feet of our God

We will openly acknowledge the pain that we feel

We will bare our wounds for our Lord to heal


Why do we wait, why play this…

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Twas the Night Before Disclosure(s)

Tears in a Bottle

My husband held out his phone, showing me a text he had received from our pastor. He didn’t understand what it meant. It was the day after he accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour. A fellow church member had asked our pastor if he had warned my husband about the spiritual attacks he was likely to face in the coming days. Apparently, this other man’s new found freedom and salvation had been immediately assaulted and he was concerned that my husband be prepared and on his guard for the same thing.

I read the words and my heart dropped right to my feet. Right to the instruments I would be using in two more days to crush his open and vulnerable spirit. He was about to be blindsided by my disclosure. At our next counselling session, I would confess my affair to him. Yes, I understood about spiritual attacks. I…

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