The Beginning of Everything, Pt.2

Pastor Aaron

In the last post I described watching a piece of video where Dr. Stephen Hawking attempts to answer the question “Does God Exist?”.  A paraphrase of one of the conclusions goes like this:  “If time did not exist prior to the ‘Big Bang’, then God could not have existed either.”

I would like to continue our discourse by offering a challenge to that thought, by maybe giving an example from our written history. There was no U.S.A. before the “founders” or the “framers of the constitution” began.  There may have been a piece of continental property, even a population of people but the actual entity of a nation was not formed until the “framers/founders” gave it definition.  It had no legitimate substance until they set into motion the principles and laws that would dictate its boundaries, movement and growth going forward.  Here is the idea, there was a time when…

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