How to Stop Worrying

Cherry Drop Princess


Worries have a weight to them.

They burden us.

They make our path a harder journey.

They make us weary.

They take over our minds and take away our joy.

Worry takes our mind off God. It makes us tremble, it can paralyze and stop us living the life God wants us to.

Most of the things we worry about are pointless. If I asked you what things you were worrying about this time last year, you probably wouldn’t remember most of them. There would probably have been a couple of big things that you still remember, but there would also have been lots of little things that you can’t name. Little and pointless things.

The little things aren’t worth worrying about. But worry carries no power to overcome the big things either.

Worry is not a blessing it’s a curse.

That’s why Jesus commands us to stop worrying. Worry…

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