The journey of Abram begins

Feminism in Cold Storage

Abram’s story begins in chapter twelve. We will be talking about him and his exploits for several posts. For previous posts on Genesis, follow the links for Adam and Eve (1-4), Noah (5-9), and the Tower of Babel (10,11). Abram’s story is quite long and to give each piece its due amount of scrutiny, we will begin with chapters twelve through fourteen.

These chapters include several stories: Abram is called to leave his hometown of Haran and he takes his whole household and his nephew with his whole household with him. They go through Egypt where he instructs his wife to lie and say that she is his sister so he won’t be killed for her. The Pharaoh gets plagued and figures out that it’s because of Sarai and makes them leave but gives a healthy parting gift. It’s actually so big that Abram and Lot can no longer travel…

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