The Universe is dying to see You

Living Worters


‘And there was no man to till the ground’

Rhema: Genesis 2:5

Logos: Genesis 2: 7-25, Romans 8:19

For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of:

• The Life of God in You (v7)

• The Location You must be to fulfill purpose (v8-14)

• The Lifestyle You are to lead (v15-17)

• The Leadership in You (18-19)

• The Like-mind(s) You need to achieve excellence in your place of influence (20-23)

• The Love in You that sustains the unity of like-minds (24)

• The Liberty You are to exhibit in the universe (25)

You mustn’t fail your world. You were born to man your world. The world is what it is because you have not unraveled your own mission. Your world languishes in misery because you have not unleashed your own mystery. Doubt your doubts. Demistify your disabilities. Rediscover your dignity. Recover your…

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